PhD Candidate Science & Technology Studies


- researcher in Science & Technology Studies | design

'New Craft' Exhibition Building, Triennale di Milano, 2016

I have a PhD degree (2018) in Science & Technology Studies from York University, Toronto, with an interdisciplinary background in media and information theory, design engineering, and digital media practice.

Drawing upon this combination, my doctoral project — Break, Make, Retake: Making as a Design Practice — examined the promises of digital fabrication and the related maker culture towards de-professionalization of design practice, concepts of expertise, and notions of re-industrialization.

I am currently a postdoc research associate for tech innovation and ideation processes at LEONARDO – Zentrum für Kreativität und Innovation at TH Nuremberg.

My research interests include critically-informed design research, digital fabrication (computer-aided design & manufacturing), history of technology, and user conceptualizations.